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Woundcare products

BEAUTYprim™ Herpes patches

Sterile herpes patches BEAUTYprim™ are developed to prevent the outbreak and to treat sores caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. Using hydrocolloid technology herpes patches BEAUTYprim™ creat moist environment, which impede tissue dehydration of the wound and death of healthy cells in favour of fast wound healing. Acting as a virus shield BEAUTYprim™ relieves pain and avoids cross contamination and infection.

BEAUTYprim™ stays in place for up to 12 hours and is invisible. Make up and lipstick can be applied over the patch. It does not contain any active substances and is waterproof which allows to use BEAUTYprim™ in every situation in life.

Herpes patches BEAUTYprim™ provide a safe and effective alternative to topical antivirals, like Acyclovir cream 5%, in treating Herpes labialis lesions as a wound, while affording additional benefits of wound protection, discretion and relief of social embarrassment.