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Feeding tubes

GASTROprim Nasogastric (stomach) tubes

A nasogastric tube is a narrow tube passed into the stomach via the nose. Fine bore feeding tubes (gauge less than 9) are used for short- or medium-term nutritional support, and also for the aspiration of stomach contents. These tubes cause less discomfort and less risk of rhinitis, pharyngitis or esophagitis erosion. Wide bore tubes (gauge more than 9) are used if drainage is needed. The use of a nasogastric tube is suitable for enteral feeding for up to six weeks. Polyurethane or silicone feeding tubes are unaffected by gastric acid and can there-fore remain in the stomach for a longer period of time (up to 6 weeks) than PVC tubes, which can only be used for up to one week.

Colour code for nasogastric (stomach) tubes