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Intravenous therapy

PERFUprim Perfusion sets

PERFUprim perfusion sets, also known as scalp vein set or butterfly, represent the optimal permanent solution for quick venous access and greater patient comfort during infusion. PERFUprim is the first choice product for practitioners in neonatology or for patients with challenging veins. It is available with Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock connectors.

PERFUprim With Luer-Slip adapter

PERFUprim With Luer-Lock adapter

Large rough wings are held secure in an upright position and facilitate needle insertion. The wings can be easily attached to the skin. The wings are colour coded for easy gauge identification.

A thin walled needle with precision shaped bevel for perfect movement into the vein, providing optimal patient comfort. Available sizes: from 18 G to 27 G.

Soft memory-less tubing provides a better flow rate and eliminates the risk of kinking and interruption of the infusion. The tubing is translucent for easy observation of the contents.

Colour code for perfusion sets